Mocke Paddling Shorts

Mocke Paddling Shorts
Mocke Paddling Shorts

Maximum comfort and performance from the starting gun to the finish line.

Unique cut and seam design that prevents chafing.

Unisex design and cut.

Double layer construction:

Outer layer sticks to the ski preventing you from slipping around.

Inner layer allows movement as you rotate through each paddle stroke.

Drawstring waist ensures a perfect and secure fit every time.

Constructed for performance with UV resistant, 4D stretch, technical fabrics.

Trendy new sublimated surface print adds major cool factor.

Made from certified environmentally friendly fabrics.

Care: Wash your Mocke Paddling Shorts in cold water after every use.

Sizes: S (32"), M (34"), L (36"), XL (38"), & XXL (40").

Colors: Red & Black with Red Trim.

Price: $33.00

Fit - Fast - Fun

To demo an Epic, contact Chris at Surf North Paddle Sports.