About Us

We are drawn to Surf Skis because they are faster and more responsive than other human powered watercraft. Surf Skis provide the paddler with the ongoing challenge of improvement and unmatched agility on the water. Surf skis provide great low impact fitness benefits and allow the paddler to cover distances with speed and efficiency.

What it means to be Epic

Surf Ski design has evolved dramatically in the past decade and are enjoyed by paddlers of every ability level. Epic Kayaks commitment to continual improvement, and product development by Olympic and world class paddlers, with state of the art technology and design, has made Epic an internationally recognized leader in the manufacture of surf skis and kayaks.

Surf North Paddle Sports is a water sports resource for enthusiasts of all ages. Our goal is to introduce the northern lakes region to the fun and benefits of performance paddling. From fitness paddling with family and friends, to competitive racing events, Epic builds a craft you will love to paddle.

Fit - Fast - Fun

To demo an Epic, contact Chris at Surf North Paddle Sports.