Epic technology is just that - Epic. We've taken the principles behind high-performance racing equipment, combined them with our knowledge of racing kayaks, and adapted them to make touring kayaks that are efficient and stable. No matter what type of paddling you do, you'll do it better, and with less effort, using an Epic kayak!

Epic technology

1. Full Waterline Length. Nearly the full length of an Epic kayak is in the water. Our experience and testing have shown that long overhanging bows offer no benefit. A full-length waterline provides maximum efficiency going forward, and creates more volume in the bow for better rough water performance.

2. Swede Form Shape. A swede form kayak is wider behind the seat for better stability, and narrower in the bow for a smooth entry into the water and a close efficient stroke.

3. Advanced Rocker Profile. The rocker in Epic kayaks have been optimized to provide superb handling in all water conditions.

4. Front Deck Cutaways. Epic's cutaway front deck design allows a close, efficient catch at the start of every stroke.

5. Integrated Thigh Braces. The thigh braces on an Epic kayak are molded under the deck of the cockpit. Paddlers can lock their knees under the thigh braces for rough water performance, or keep their knees centered in the middle of the cockpit to incorporate leg movement for more efficiency and power.

6. Advanced Steering System. The Epic Track Master Steering systemâ„¢ provides dependable control, a clean silhouette, and easy access. The stern pivots, directing flow along the kayak and providing superior traction. The easily adjustable full foot brace allow paddlers to use their legs in the stroke while steering independently with their toes.

7. Adjustable Seat. Epic kayak seats are adjustable and slide forward and back on an integrated cockpit rail. Paddlers can easily fine tune their cockpit position for maximum efficiency and personal comfort.

8. Lightweight, High Tech Materials. Epic kayaks are made with strong, durable, lightweight materials including carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass and a specially formulated epoxy resin which is stronger and tougher than polyester or vinyl ester resin. Epic's sandwich core construction process with these materials ensures our kayaks are noticeably lighter than any of the competition.

9. Vacuum Infusion with Heat Cure. Epoxy resin is infused into our kayaks under full vacuum. This eliminates voids and produces Epic's signature high strength and lightweight standards. After infusion, our boats are post-cured at elevated temperatures to create the strongest and lightest kayaks on the market.

Fit - Fast - Fun

To demo an Epic, contact Chris at Surf North Paddle Sports.