Weedless Surfski Rudder

Weedless Surfski Rudder
Weedless Surfski Rudder

Seaweed slowing you up?

Epic’s new Weedless Rudder for the V-Series surfskis is the answer.

Combined with our carbon Weed Deflector (sold separately), the weedless rudder is designed to shed seaweed & prevent those irritating hang-ups during your training session or race.

Sizes (original): V8 & V10 Double.

Sizes (new): V8, V12, & V14.

Sizes (ultra): V5, V7, V8 Pro, V10, V10L, & V10 Sport.

Price: $88.00

For help installing your surfski rudder, please watch the following video:

Fit - Fast - Fun

To demo an Epic, contact Chris at Surf North Paddle Sports.